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The philosophy of the NOEMA winery team is to capture in its wines the dynamics of the Xinomavro variety, giving it a... meaning and even creating new versions of it.


The NOEMA winery condenses its wine meanings in Xino-Nero of Florina and is a venture of an American investor, David Wittig,

NOEMA only started operations in March, with some first, experimental efforts taking place in 2021. As a result, has now placed two PDO wine labels in the market: Eruption, a 100% Xinomavro rosé, and Invicta, a red wine with 8 months maturation in the barrel. Soon, it will release the Noema series from the 2022 vintage.

For the needs of winemaking, the new winery collaborates with vintners of the Amyntaio region and a group of oenologists, while for the time being it utilizes the infrastructure of a neighboring winery, until its visitable facilities in Xino-Nero are completed in the next period.

The choice of the specific region was not accidental since the team wanted to highlight this PDO character in its wines and underline its meaning. After all, NOEMA team believes that the region of Amyntaio has great prospects, produces high quality wines and applies many innovations in its vineyards.

For now, NOEMA Winery is investing in Xinomavro, considering it a great asset to have such a variety at its disposal and to communicate it abroad, declaring its separate source of origin. The orientation of the winery is initially export, currently made in England, America and Germany.

NOEMA Winery has put a lot of emphasis on branding and even made its first contact with the wine community with a clever campaign, releasing two magnum bottles of unlabeled rosé to send a message about the need to put aside labels, brands and designations , which simply exacerbate our differences.